The list that every student should have written

The list that every student should have written


I believe the slow movement can be applied to the work we do in universities. Some of it is simple and logical advice about distractions, some of it is about the actual process: slow thinking and writing.  This page has blog posts on slow learning that are grouped by the tasks that defined my university experience.


Essays are one of the oldest, strangest choices for assessment, but we appear to be stuck with them.


Perhaps the opposite of the slow assessment, but some careful thought before putting pen to paper can make for a better exam answer.


We tend to rush presentations and try to speak for the whole time. Pauses and slower delivery provide clarity and coherence.

Writing Guide

Each year, undergraduates tend to make the same mistakes in writing. I produced a guide for Geography Students at Coventry University. I’ve edited it slightly (we couldn’t include the Coventry markscheme) but it might be useful.


At anywhere from 6,000-20,000 words, this is often the longest piece of a continuous prose a student will do.


Different things need different approaches to reading.

Slow Thinking

Strategies to help you analyse and evaluate your thinking.


Re:Markable is my YouTube channel. I mark my old essays and point out writing errors I made as a student.