The idea for Re:Markable came from a tutorial I ran in 2018. I gave my students an old first year essay I wrote. I didn’t tell them it was mine and I asked them to mark it.

I wanted them to think like the marker. They tore my essay apart, pointing out grammar and spelling errors, poor sentence structure and bloated clauses with too many words. It’s easier to see the problems in someone else’s work than it is in your own.

I told them my errors were common in student writing. I mentioned that fixing them wasn’t hard when you knew how to think like a marker.

Remarking old work was popular with my tutees so I turned it into Re:Markable.

You can find full downloadable copies of the work with track changes here.

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Conditions of downloading the files:

  1. If you’re an educator using the files yourself in class, please acknowledge the YouTube channel, this website or Dr Joe Thorogood.

  2. If you’re a student, do not use any part of the work for your own assignments. I only mark work that has been through the Turnitin software system. This means that if you copy, it will be picked up.

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